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Can My Rings Be Recycled?

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Our once beloved ring is now thrown to the back of the jewellery box. Neglected and dusty, it’s been replaced by a newer and shinier version. Whilst a love for accessories is not always eternal, it’s a shame to throw away what was once your treasure.

Let’s talk about ways you can recycle your jewellery if you’re bored of it or think it’s outdated, because a little imagination can revive it instantly.

minimalist-jewellery-ringphoto by: @ch.phr8ph

Remodel Your Rings

A little imagination, time and money for a professional jewellery maker can turn an old rusty ring into an intriguing and unique classic. Get in touch with a jewellery maker to turn your version into actuality.

Any plain rings lying around are a remodel waiting to happen. Don’t throw them away, but use any bought gems (or recycled ones from other jewels) to give them a makeover.

If it’s the plating of your ring which you dislike, a quick repaint from silver to gold can totally transform its look. Or try playing with other colours to match your other rings perfectly. Rose gold is a fashionable colour right now.

Perhaps you’ve grown out of touch with the gemstones; they can look dull or the colour can get a little boring after a while. Remove the gemstones and replace with a fashionable colour which suits your outfits, or opt for a clear, shiny crystal for a long-lasting glow.

Why not recycle the unwanted gem and add it to a necklace or bracelet? You could even purchase a plain chain and jazz it up with elements from your past. This is particularly popular with people who have emblems from previous generations and don’t want to part with them.


If you’re a hoarder, you might have a selection of rings you’ve not worn in years. If one ring is framed in stones, remove them, and wrap around the other ring for a dazzling look. It’s extremely fashionable to have a ring which is coated in gemstones for a sophisticated yet girly look.

Or, you could turn three separate rings into one extravagant piece. Stack them and play around with how they should be layered. Intertwining them more will give a youthful feel, whilst perfect precision creates a sophisticated masterpiece.

For those on a low budget or who always have their hands in water, add the ring to a chain. The trick is to keep the chain and the ring the same colour so they don’t clash. Alternatively, you could recycle the gemstones and crystals and add to the face of a necklace.

If you’re bewildered with the stack of rings you have amassed over the years, turn them into a completely different accessory like a brooch or key ring.

minimalist-jewellery-ringphoto by: @ch.phr8ph

If you have an emotional connection with your rings, there’s no need to part with them. Keep them close to your heart by restoring them. Have you got any experience? Send us your experience and pictures in the comments; we’d love to see your creations!


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