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Choosing Jewellery For Every Occasion

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Jewellery is the holy grail of fashion. With an ensemble of accessories, it can revamp your wardrobe and take you from a coffee-with-friends look to instant glam.

We’ve seen plenty of jewellery blunders in our time – such as big brassy earrings to an office meeting. So, we’re here to help you correctly team your outfit and attitude with the right accessories.

minimalist jewellery banglephoto by: @katerinaberezhna

What Jewellery To Wear

photo by: @ch.phr8ph

Coffee With a Friend

For a casual occasion such as this, you want to keep the look simple and avoid too much contrast of colour.

A pair of earrings say enough but not too much. They’re all you need to show you’ve made an effort and reached to your jewellery box, but don’t look like you’re still up from last night’s party.

This delicate and friendly bracelet will accent any outfit. Teamed with the Star Stud earrings, it’s classy and elegant thanks to the minimalist jewels. Plus, if you’re reaching for a coffee, you don’t want a heavy bangle to fall into your drink.

Clothes Shopping

It’s embarrassing to opt for the dramatic look just for a fashion session – especially teamed with half a bottle of perfume. Add a splash of colour with a feminine heart-shaped necklace and you’re good to go.

minimalist jewellery necklacephoto by: @sassystyled

Treat yourself to this fabulous love necklace. For a stunning outfit, style yourself with a messy bun and a few loose curls at the side of your face. Have it on a tight setting to keep it tidy while you’re scouring the aisles.

With the idea of having loose curls, this metal headband is practical and stylish. Thanks to the shiny silver, it’s a staple for bad hair days and those who have little time to get ready in the morning.

Date Night At The Cinema

For date night at the cinema, you can afford to get away with a little more bling and jazz. Accentuate all features – from your hands, neck and ears – and keep your outfit simple, but stick with a pair of high heels.

minimalist-jewellery-chokerphoto by: @maroobii_

This Lace Up choker is a must have for a weekly date night. It’s sexy and out there thanks to the keynote lace design on the front. Not only is it eye-pleasing to look at, but it’s comfortable and practical because of the suede leather material.

This unique Arrow Ring in rose gold is the perfect addition to the Lace Up choker. Settled on the bar ring, it’s a comfortable wear and just the perfect amount of detail for a romantic evening out.

These sterling silver plated earrings will make your date’s head turn. A dangling pair of earrings go perfectly with tied-up hair and a splash of colour to your outfit, such as a stylish bag or glittery top.

Live a minimalist life and stock up on stunning jewellery accessories so you’re always ready for any occasion. 

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