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Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

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Earrings can add life to any outfit and bring zest to an ordinary day. But did you know that they can also flatter your face shape and make you appear slimmer in an instance?

Or bigger if you opt for the wrong shape.

Here’s the low-down on choosing the best earrings to compliment your face shape.

Matching Earrings To Your Face Shape

You may be asking: Why’s it important that I know my face shape just to buy earrings? Well, all jewellery and fashion is supposed to flatter your natural physique, and when done right can make you look a million dollars.

If you need help sussing your face shape, we’ve got you covered with these simple characteristics.


photo by: @ch.phr8ph

Round Face

Characteristics: Your face creates a circle shape as the width and length are very similar sizes. Your chin is round with no chiselled jawline.

Earrings To Choose: Choose dangling earrings, as they will elongate the face and make it appear slender.

minimlalist-jewellery-earringsphoto by: Cindy @theurbanline

Oval Face

Characteristics: Your jawline has a roundness to it but your forehead is slightly wider than your chin to create a definition to the chin.

Earrings To Choose: As the oval face is considered one of the most idealistic shapes, you can be versatile and daring with your earring choice. We suggest trying pearls and teardrops, but you can also rock some dazzling gems.


Heart Face

Characteristics: Your forehead is much wider than your cheeks and your chin will be dramatically narrower than the top part of your face.

Earrings To Choose: The best earrings for this face shape will be narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. Play around with drop earrings which have a large embellishment at the bottom.


Square Face

Characteristics: Your chin is noticeably square and almost the same width as your forehead. The corners of your jaw and forehead match up nearly perfectly to form a square shape.

Earrings To Choose: The design should soften the face, so choose rounded edges to contract to the chiselled jawline. Large hoops or even drooping earrings which have plenty of soft edges to them will flatter your frame.

Diamond Face

Characteristics: The keynote noticeability is the face is most wide at the temples. Your chin will frame to a point and the forehead might be large but narrow at the top.

Earrings To Choose: Delicate drops are most flattering as they combine a good length to balance out the face. Stick to designs with plenty of curves and embellishments on them, but avoid any earrings which are wide and diamond shaped.

Narrow Face

Characteristics: Mainly your face will be longer than it is wider. Your cheeks won’t protrude out and the chin will typically form a point.

Earrings To Choose: Jewels which draw the eyes horizontally and not vertically will compliment your shape. Large studs with masses of volume or short rounded hoops will divert the eyes to the centre of the face.

Happy earrings shopping!


Amy Poole x



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