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Do It in Whites

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It's time to kiss Summer and my favourite head-to-toe white outfits Goodbye (and 'heartbroken' is perfectly describable.)


I'm not gonna lie, layering, sweaters and greys have made me miss Winter but Summer will always have a special place in my heart. Blame my gorgeous island for it ! 


Wearing a total black or total white #ootd, might seem to some as lack of fashion sense and creativity. In my humble opinion though, it feels like a blank canvas with endless alteration ideas and as deciding to let your personality speak louder than your outfit. 


What will turn a boring monochrome outfit into an eye pleasing one are mainly the jewellery and shoes chosen to accompany it.


I know I'm running high risks of repeating myself but the best way to dress up or down an outfit is by selecting the correct accessories (including: shoes, jewellery and bag). Don't hesitate to mix and match textures as it will give a uniqueness to your outfit.


Take advantage of the last summer day and style your best whites. Boost yourselves with as much Vitamin D as possible and rule the academic year ahead.

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Anastasia x


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