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How to be a #Flatlayboss

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Flatlays have become one of the most common aspects of every Instagram feed. In my humble opinion, what makes them interesting is the amount of creativity each individual puts into them whether what they are aiming to feature is related to fashion, food , technology or in some cases a mixture of all of the above .


Achieving the perfect #flatlay is exactly like striking the perfect pose therefore, it might come naturally or will need a lot of planning.

Even if you are not very confident in your styling and photography skills there are few guidelines that will instantly turn your Flatlay into a feast for the eyes:


1. Pick a main colour or theme and build your photos around it. E.g: If you choose to go with a certain colour, make sure to add elements of the same colour palette .

2. Have a statement piece. This piece tends to be what you would like your audience to focus on and it can truly be anything from a t-shirt to a jewellery to a book.


3. Harmony. Make sure to use the grid when you snap your picture to make sure everything is harmonically placed in your frame. This makes it easier to the viewer's eye, especially when there's enough space between the chosen objects.


4. The background. Last but definitely not least as for me it has the most crucial role to your flatlay's success. Your background can vary depending on your featured elements. Going minimal on the background is always a safe choice.


Keep in mind that practice makes perfect and through experimentation you might become a #flatlayboss yourself!

Anastasia x



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