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My Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide

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So February is my birthday month and I’ll be turning 26, say whaaaaat! I’ve found myself sometimes asking for things I don’t want to buy with my own money, like a new maternity bra (omg what is happening). But I’ve had a little think and I’ve put together some cute little gifts that I would actually love to receive, and I think others would like to receive too. 


Sunday Lane Studio, Zodiac Women Print. 

This stunning print tells you sweet things about your star sign and a perfect addition to your home.

Sunday Lane Studio, Zodiac Women Print


The Beach People Dune Beach Cushion.

So you know when you’re at the beach and you lay down and you don’t get any sand on your hair/head? Yeah me neither. This will solve all our problems. 

The Beach People Dune Beach Cushion


Minimalist Jewellery La La Earrings.

I can’t go past nice jewellery, I’m a sucker for pretty gold earrings. 



The Daily Edited Phone Case.

The most aesthetically pleasing phone cases which you can personalise with anything, you can have a fries emoji if you wish too.

The Daily Edited Phone Case


Auguste The Label, Protect our reef tee.

Not only a cute tshirt but 100% of the retail value gets donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect our reef! 

Auguste The Label, Protect our reef tee


Also, hubby if you’re reading this, I REALLY love Gucci.


Lara xx


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